Year 7 Induction

Year 7 Induction

Moving from primary to secondary school can be like a goldfish moving from its bowl to the sea – things suddenly seem very big!

Please don’t worry.

Everybody settles in and everybody ‘learns the ropes.’ Everybody else in your year is in the same boat. They may not look it, but they’re just as nervous as you are. Moving to secondary school is an opportunity, not a problem.

Things are different and all you need to do is be polite, learn the new rules, learn the new ways of doing things and ask people if you are not sure what to do.

There are some things that are different from primary school that you can prepare for to make the change easier:

  • You will have your lessons with different teachers in different rooms. Get friendly with people in your teaching groups and help each other, remember where the rooms are.
  • Before you go to bed, check your timetable and pack your bag. This will make sure that you are prepared for the next day and your morning will be less stressful!
  • Remember, don’t worry: everyone is nervous about starting secondary school (yes, even the loud people) but everyone settles in. Including you!
  • Learn your way around school. Try and get a good mental map of the school in your head quite quickly. It’ll make you feel more confident when you’re moving round the school.
  • Find these places during your first day: Medical Room, Head of House Offices and Reception. These are all places where you can find help, advice or support any time during the school day if you have a problem.
  • If you should feel poorly or have an accident in school you will go to the Medical Room to be looked after. Your parents will be contacted if necessary, so don’t worry.
  • If you like football, chess, art, choir, join a club. School clubs are a great way to make friends with people in your year or House. Ask your tutor for more information.

Acceptable User Protocol

Admission Form

Best Days of Their Lives

Home School Agreement

Home to School Transport

Medical Form

Privacy Notice

PSHE Letter

Secondary School Uniform Grant

Y7 Uniform List

School Uniform

It is important that you wear the right clothing and take the right equipment with you when you start school. It will all seem very different from the school that you go to now. You will have to move around to different rooms for all your lessons. You will have several teachers and you will need different things for the various subjects. It is important that you get it right. At first it may seem a lot to remember but you will soon get used to it and you will do it easily.

The first thing to think about is the clothes that you will wear and you can get these ready in good time before you start school. Our uniform is simple and intended to be comfortable but smart. Correct uniform is important to establish the right atmosphere for learning and we want pupils to take pride in their appearance.

Where can I purchase the school uniform?

Our uniform can be purchased from Gooch Sports in Newent and Monkhouse Schoolwear (formerly Trutex Gloucester) in Gloucester City.

We would recommend that your uniform is marked or labelled clearly with your name and tutor group.

What will I need to bring on my first day in school?
There are lots of things that you will need on your first day. Firstly, you will need a good strong school bag for all your bits and pieces. It’s a good idea to practise packing it before term begins.

You will need a calculator / pen / pencil / ruler, your PE Kit, drink, lunch and possibly a snack for break,   Don’t forget a lock for your bike if you ride to school and deodorant for after PE.

What happens if I refuse to wear my school uniform correctly?
You will be spoken to by your tutor and/or the Head of House and informed of the school uniform standards. If you continue to refuse to wear the correct uniform your parents / carers will be contacted.
What are the school uniform guidelines?

The uniform list is show here.

Decent Backpack
You will be carrying lots more books than at primary school and will have to move from classroom to classroom. Quite often you won’t have time to get to your locker so get yourself a good strong school bag.

What are the guidelines for piercings?
Earrings must not dangle and should be simple studs or sleepers, with only one to be worn in each ear lobe. No other jewellery should be visible. Any jewellery etc. worn to school that is against school rules will be taken from you and returned at the end of the day. Students who refuse to remove jewellery may be asked to go home. Any other facial piercing apart from studs or sleepers in ear lobes is unacceptable. You will be asked to remove piercing no matter how long they have been in.
Can I have my hair dyed, spiked or Mohican for school?
Hair styles and colours must be sensible.  Parents / carers or students should seek advice from the Head of House if they have doubt.
Can I wear nail varnish or false nails?

No, if you wear nail varnish we will remove it.  If you wear false nails we will request that they are removed.

Can I wear make-up to school?
No, we will provide you with a make up remover wipe.
What happens if I lose something in school?

Make sure that all your uniform and school equipment is clearly marked with your Name and Tutorial Group. If you lose something go to Reception which is where lost property is taken in the first instance.

Do you have non uniform days?

Non Uniform Days are held four times a year and are shown on the school events calendar here.  The money collected via ParentPay will go to charity.

School Meals

There is a lot of information available on our website in the Catering section about what kind of food is available to purchase each day. You can download the menus each week so that you know when your favourite food is being cooked.

What time can I get food at school?
Students arriving early may like to buy a range of food from the ‘Breakfast Club’ in Meet n Eat between 8:20 – 8:40am.

Meet n Eat is again open at the mid-morning break 10:40 – 11:00am as well as offering a full range of meals at lunchtime.

Meet and Eat Opening times:

08:00 – 08:30 (Breakfast)
10:40 – 11:00 (Break time)
12:45 – 13:35 (Lunch time)

Can I bring a packed lunch?
Where can I eat my packed lunch?
You can eat your packed lunch in Meet n Eat.
What if I forget my cashless fob?

Go to the Finance Office who will ensure arrangements are made for you to purchase food during the day.   

I don't make friends very easily and am a little shy is there anywhere I can go during break and lunch?
During the first couple of weeks you are able to go to the Learning Suite although there are likely to be other students who feel the same so it is best to try and go to Meet n Eat or the Quad.
Can I pay for my food in school with money?

We do not accept any money at the school.  All students are given a Cashless Fob which is given out on the first day of term.

The first one you get is free and then they charge £2.25 for future ones if you break/damage it.

When you want to top it up, ask your parents / carers to use Parentpay.



What times do I go to lessons?
The timetable is as follows

08:40 – 08:55 Registration & Assembly
08:55 – 09:45 Period 1 (P1)
09:50 – 10:40 Period 2 (P2)
10:40 – 11:00 Break
11:00 – 11:50 Period 3 (P3)
11:55 – 12:45 Period 4 (P4)
12:45 – 13:35 Lunch
13:35 – 14:25 Period 5 (P5)
14:30 – 15:20 Period 6 (P6)

After holidays how will I know which week it is – Week 1 or Week 2?

Check the Key Dates booklet that is available here.  Your Tutor will also be able to inform you which week you will be coming back on before the holidays.

What lessons will I be doing during the first year?

F. French
PE. Physical Education
Ar. Art
G. Geography
EN. English
MA. Maths
IT. Computing and ICT
RE. Religious Philosophy
DR. Drama
SC. Science
DT Design Technology
MU. Music

It must seem an awful lot to remember but don’t worry, everyone feels a bit confused at first and all the other students manage to get it right. If they can do it, so can you!

What happens if I lose my timetable?

Your timetable can be checked on Satchel:One (Show My Homework) or go to Reception who will be able to print a copy for you.

Can I leave the lessons to go to the toilet?
Make sure you go before registration, during break and lunch time is possible, however, if you do need to go to the toilet during a lesson, ask the teacher.
What languages can I learn in school?
In Yr7 you learn French.
What day will I have Assembly?

Assemblies take place in the Main Hall or Sports Hall.

Monday – Year Group assemblies
Tuesday – Collingwood assembly
Wednesday – Mountbatten assembly
Thursday – Nelson assembly
Friday – Year Group assemblies



What if I am worry and frightened about having injections in school?
Please don’t worry. Go and talk with the Medical and Student Welfare Officer in the Medical Room. She will talk to you about what will happen and reassure you.
Do I need to see the dentist at school?
No. You will need to attend your own dentist.
What if I am away from school when the injections are due?
You will be recalled the following year or you can go to your own Doctor. It is best to try to be in school on the injection day as you will have your friends around you for support.
Who will do the injection/s?
A group of Gloucestershire Area School Nurses go around to all the schools in Gloucestershire to do the injections. On the day you will be given an opportunity to talk with them if you are feeling worried or anxious.
If I have to take tablets or medicine in school, what do I do?
Ask your Parents / carer to speak with Medical and Student Welfare Officer.   It is important the School knows what medication you are taking.
What if I feel unwell in school?
If you are in lessons, tell the teacher. You will be sent to the Medical Room. If you have a headache you will be encouraged to drink plenty of water, if it doesn’t settle go to the Medical Room. No Paracetamol will be given before 11:15am. Only Paracetamol, Piriton and Waspeze can be administered in school as long as your parent / carer has signed the consent form, which you will receive before you start at Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre.
What if I hurt myself at school?
Go to the Medical Room in the G corridor or get a friend to go to Reception who will find the Medical and Student Welfare Officer. Your parents / carer will be contacted if necessary. If you are more seriously hurt and you need to go to hospital, someone will sort it out and contact your parents / carer or emergency contact immediately.
Can I carry tablets or medicines in my school bag?
Asthma Inhalers and Epipens are allowed in your school bag but the Medical and Student Welfare Officer should be informed. They MUST be clearly labelled with your name and tutor group. No other medicines or tablets are allowed in your school bag.
I carry an Epipen, do I need to tell anyone in school?
Yes, it is important to get your parent / carer to contact the Medical and Student Welfare Officer before the induction day at Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre. We need to have two Epipens in school at all times, one for you and one to be kept in the Medical Room. During induction day the Medical and Student Welfare Officer will come to see you and go through some rules about being responsible for your Epipen.
What do I need to do if I have to go to the Doctors, Dentist or Opticians during the school day?

You should always bring a note to show your Tutor if you have an appointment during the school day. You should then:


  1. Ask your Tutor to sign the note.
  2. Report to Reception before you leave the building.
  3. Show the Receptionist the note then sign out.
For girls - What do I do if I start my periods at school?
If you start your periods during the school day……don’t panic, there is always a supply of sanitary wear in the Medical Room. If necessary you will be sent home to change. Do not worry or feel embarrassed; it will all be sorted without anyone else needing to know. It may be a good idea to always keep a small pack of sanitary wear with you in your school bag for emergencies. If you get period pains you can have a Paracetamol in school if your parents / carer signs the consent form.

Lockers and Library


Can I have a locker?

Yes, if there is one available.  Go to the Finance Office and collect a form to take home.   There is a cost which needs to be paid using ParentPay before a locker will be allocated to you.

Who do I ask about a locker?
Go to the Finance Office where someone will help you.
How much do I have to pay for a locker?
£5 for a deposit, which is returnable when you leave the school or cease to use a locker, provided the key is returned and no damage has been caused. In addition, £5 for one year’s rental.
What if I lose my locker key?
Go to the Finance Office and speak with a member of staff. You will have to pay £3.00 for a new key,
What if I have a problem with my locker?
Go to the Finance Office and speak with a member of staff who will help you.
What time can I go into the Library during the day?
Before school until 8:45am, at Lunch time and after school until 4:30pm.
Can I go into the Library after school to wait for my lift home or do my home learning? What time does it close?
Yes, you can do your home learning in the Library after school until 4:30pm.
Can I eat or drink in the Library during break time?
No, food is not allowed in the Library.
How many books can I take out of the Library at one time?
You can only take two books out at a time.
What happens if I lose a book?
See the Librarian. You will usually have to pay for any books you lose.
Can I use a computer during break, lunch or after school?
Yes, but at lunch time you need to sign in at the Library Desk.
Has the school got a Library book list?
Yes, see the Librarian for a copy.

Home Learning

Newent uses Satchel:One (Show My Homework), a cloud based digital homework diary that is designed to enhance our communication with parents / carers and students.   This system will allow parents / carers to monitor homework, attendance, behaviour and progress more easily.

Please note students should continue to follow the school’s expectations regarding using this planner on a daily basis.  


What if I do not do my home learning, or forget to do it?
If you fail to do your home learning by the deadline, you may be given a chance to hand it in the following day. If you still fail to hand it in you can expect to be given a detention. Always try your best and take pride in every piece of home learning you do. If you have any questions please ask your subject teacher.
How can I organise my home learning if I am getting behind?

Your home learning will be recorded on Satchel:One (Show My Homework) which is our electronic home learning recording system.  The tasks will be explained clearly. You should take special care to note when the home learning is to be handed in.

How much home learning will I get?
In Y7 and Y8 you should expect an average of one hour per subject per fortnight.

During Y9 this will rise and could be up to two hours per subject per fortnight.

Y10 and Y11 you should expect an average of two hours per GCSE/GNVQ course per fortnight. You will usually be given several days, and often a week, in which to complete the home learning. MILK, our electronic home learning recording system, will help you to manage your time more effectively.

What if I find the home learning too hard to complete?
Your subject teacher will always be happy to give extra help or advice but you must ask before the deadline.
What if I have to do home learning on a computer and don't have one at home?
You can do it on a computer in school.
What do I do if I have trouble reading or doing my home learning?
Go to see your teacher BEFORE it is due to be in and ask for help.
What happens if I am late for a lesson or registration?
You should be in school by 8:35am at the latest. If you arrive at school late you MUST sign in at reception. Once you have signed in, enter the class or assembly quietly and let the teacher know the reason you are late.

If you are repeatedly late without a good explanation your parents / carer will be contacted and you will be required to make up the time.

What if I struggle during a lesson?
Let the teacher know during or immediately after the lesson. If you can’t speak with the teacher, speak with your Tutor or Head of House. There will always be someone to help and guide you through your difficulties. The main thing is – DON’T WORRY, TELL SOMEONE.
Who can I go to if I get lost around school or can’t find my lesson?
Go to Reception and ask for directions to your next lesson. Lots of people get lost, students and adults. In time you will find your way around and then help others.
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