The EcoLab

What is an EcoLab?

Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre built a new Science Laboratory which open in 2007.

Instead of a conventional build, we aimed for a sustainable construction:

  • Photovoltaic installations and wind turbines will be used to generate some (if not all) of the electricity
  • Display panels of electricity meters will be installed to provide a visible reminder to all occupants of energy generated by sustainable means
  • A sedum roof with skylights, and other sustainable building technologies are features of this construction

How has the EcoLab been designed?

  • Students, parents and staff were all given the opportunity to contribute thoughts as to the design of the laboratory
  • Over 600 students responded to a questionnaire, the ideas produced have been incorporated into the project design

What was the EcoLab built with?

Every effort was made to build the Ecolab with sustainable / recycled materials. Download the materials breakdown below.

What is the EcoLab used for?

There is a dry area (teaching zone), which reflects a traditional classroom, and a wet area, where practical work can be carried out. There is also a facility to isolate the wet area so that the dry area can be safely used out of school hours for community purposes; the local Nature Watch group has already approached us with a view to using the facility.

  • Where have the furnishings come from?
  • Desks and benching for the EcoLab were reclaimed from our own laboratory refurbishments
  • Extra tables and chairs have been reclaimed from the Cheltenham Ladies College
  • Artwork for the EcoLab was created by students attending our Art Summer School
Ecolab Materials
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