Course Information

The course explores and develops understanding of the modern day society of France and its cultural heritage. Students learn to respond to authentic texts and recordings and to speak fluently in a wide range of situations. They are taught to express facts and ideas and to present explanations, opinions and information both in speech and writing, as well as translating from English into French.

Grammar is an essential part of the lessons. Topics are diverse and include aspects of daily life in the foreign country, leisure and entertainment, sport, the arts, communication and media and education and training. A2 topics include, among others, social exclusion, law and order, energy management and conversation, medical progress and scientific advances.

Entry Requirements

In order to study a foreign language at this level students need to have sat the Higher Tier papers at GCSE and will be expected to have gained a grade in the A* to B range. A genuine interest in the French language and the culture of French speaking countries is essential, as is enthusiasm for speaking the language.

Career Pathway

Jobs directly related to your degree include: Interpreter, teacher and Translator.

Jobs where your degree would be useful include: Broadcast journalist, Diplomatic Services operational officer, English as a foreign language teacher, Event organiser, Logistics and distribution manager, Marketing executive, Patent examiner, Retail buyer, Sales executive, Solicitor, Tour manager.

Should you like to receive any additional information on this course please contact

Miss Rebecca Coleman – Learning Lead

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