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This course investigates the way in which markets work to allocate resources and explores reasons why they sometimes go wrong! Economics develops logical thinking and is very suitable for those of you with enquiring minds!

You will gain an understanding of the way in which the Government aims to control the economy (through the balance of payments, unemployment, inflation, interest rates etc.) and how this will affect you. The course is more theoretical than Business Studies and complements subjects such as Mathematics the Sciences. Economics is a facilitating subject as per the Russell Group’s Report.

If you are not sure why you should study this subject, visit this website Although it is designed for undergraduates, it would be useful for background research to aid understanding of the subject.

The specification is changing for September 2015 and will include updated case studies from the world of business and the global economy.

Trips and visits

In October Half Term 2015 we are planning to take a group of Year 12 and 13 Business and Economics students to New York. Trip launch to follow shortly.

Entry Requirements

To study Economics, you require Mathematics at B grade and a minimum of a grade C in English Language.

Career Pathway

Students will develop transferable skills that support study in a wide range of subjects at university and the transition to employment, including quantitative and analytical analysis, forming and testing hypotheses, and commercial awareness. The development and application of quantitative skills prepare students for study of economics and related courses at university.

Students can progress from this qualification to:

  • Higher education courses such as economics degrees with a focus on theory, or degrees in applied economics such as environmental economics, labour economics, public sector economics or monetary economics. Alternatively, students may choose to study a business economics, mathematical economics or business degree.
  • A wide range of careers ranging from finance, banking, insurance, accountancy, management and consultancy, to becoming professional economists.

Should you like to receive any additional information on this course please contact

Miss Catherine Llewellyn – Learning Lead

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