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Advanced GCE Design and Technology Product Design aims to provide an opportunity for students to develop their own creativity, capability and entrepreneurial skills. Students are also taught to apply knowledge and understanding to a range of technological activities and develop critical thinking along with collaborative skills. Advanced Design and Technology is highly regarded by both universities and employers and provides a firm foundation for a career in design and manufacturing.

Course Structure

AS level

Practical skills: You will be trained and expected to produce work using a metalwork lathe, a woodwork lathe, aluminium sand cast and a forge.

Design skills: You will be set a blue-sky design task. Previous years have designed a one person vehicle, a pedal powered flying machine and parcel carriages for the London Underground.

Analysis skills: You will analyse a current product by writing specifications, analysing materials, manufacturing processes and quality control techniques.

Theory: You will investigate materials, manufacturing processes, components and industrial and commercial practices.

A2 level

You will design, develop, model and make a product for a client. Previous projects have included a miniature wind tunnel, a pedal powered transporter and a hydraulic bicycle work station.

Theory: You will investigate designers and design movements, marketing, systems and control, ergonomics, a designer’s responsibilities and sustainability.

Entry Requirements

To achieve on this course, students need Grade B and above in GCSE Design and Technology, Engineering or a Manufacturing subject. Students should also have a strong interest in systems and the way products are designed and made.

Career Pathway

Design and Technology is actively involved in the art and design community. Graduates pursue highly sought after positions in interactive and social media, film, television, game design, advertising, installation arts and film.

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