School Uniform

It is important that you wear the right clothing and take the right equipment with you when you start school. It will all seem very different from the school that you go to now. You will have to move around to different rooms for all your lessons. You will have several teachers and you will need different things for the various subjects. It is important that you get it right. At first it may seem a lot to remember but you will soon get used to it and you will do it easily.

The first thing to think about is the clothes that you will wear and you can get these ready in good time before you start school. Our uniform is simple and intended to be comfortable but smart. Correct uniform is important to establish the right atmosphere for learning and we want pupils to take pride in their appearance.

Q: Where can I purchase the school uniform?
A: Newent Community School Uniform can be purchased from Gooch Sports in Newent and from Trutex Gloucester in Gloucester. Make sure that your uniform is marked or labelled clearly with your name and tutor group.

Q: What will I need to bring on my first day in school?
A: There are lots of things that you will need on your first day. Firstly, you will need a good strong school bag for all your bits and pieces. It’s a good idea to practise packing it before term begins.

You will need: A Calculator/Pen/Pencil/Ruler, your PE Kit, Drink, Lunch, Snack for Break, Lock for your bike if you ride to school and deodorant for after PE.

Q: What happens if I refuse to wear my school uniform correctly?
A: You will be spoken to by your tutor and/or the Head of House and informed of the school uniform standards. If you continue to refuse to wear the correct uniform your parents will be contacted.

Q: What are the school uniform guidelines?

Shirts should be plain white with buttons to the collar. Shirts should be tucked in and worn with a tie.

You are required to wear the Newent Community School jumper, except in warm weather.

Fleeces or Coats
These should be plain in colour, no obvious logos. No hoodies, denim or leather jackets. No outdoor coats are to be worn in school.

Skirt / Trousers
Skirts or trousers should be black. No patterns on fabric. Full length trousers may be worn by either sex. Jeans, casual trousers, cords and colours other than black are not permitted. Flares must not be wide enough to obscure shoes or cause ripping at the base. Skirts should have a straight hem, be near knee length or longer but not ankle length or very short.

Shoes should be black, plain, and of sensible design. Heels should be of a sensible height so as to minimise the risk of accidents, especially on the stairs. Trainers are not permitted. If you wear trainers for a medical reason you should have a doctor’s note with you. If your school shoes have broken and you wear trainers you must have a letter from your parents. The letter should be taken to the Head of House You will then be given a card to show to other staff.

PE Kit
Check your timetable daily. If you have PE, don’t forget your kit. If you do forget it, you can borrow some from the PE department. If you keep forgetting your kit, you will have a detention.

Decent Backpack
You will be carrying lots more books than at primary school and will have to move from classroom to classroom. Quite often you won’t have time to get to your locker so get yourself a good strong school bag.

Q: What are the guidelines for piercings?
A: Earrings must not dangle and should be simple studs or sleepers, with only one to be worn in each ear lobe. No other jewellery should be visible. Any jewellery etc. worn to school that is against school rules will be taken from you and returned at the end of the day. Pupils who refuse to remove jewellery will be asked to go home. Any other facial piercing apart from studs or sleepers in ear lobes is unacceptable. You will be asked to remove piercing no matter how long they have been in.

Q: Can I have my hair dyed, spiked or Mohican for school?
A: Hair styles and colours must be sensible. Pupils should seek advice from the Head of House if they have doubt.

Q: Can I wear nail varnish?
A: No

Q: Can I wear make-up to school?
A: No

Q: What happens if I lose something in school?
A: Make sure that all your uniform and school equipment is clearly marked with your Name and Tutorial Group. If you lose something go to the Lost Property Office in the Library.

Q: Do you have Non Uniform Days?
A: Non Uniform Day is held four times a year. The money collected will go to charity.


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