Q: What if I am worry and frightened about having injections in school?
A: Please don’t worry. Go and talk with the Medical Officer in the medical room, Mrs Jevons. She will talk with you.

Q: Do I need to see the dentist at school?
A: No. You will need to attend your own dentist.

Q: What if I am away from school when the injections are due?
A: You will be recalled the following year or you can go to your GP. It is best to try to be in school on the injection day as you will have your friends around you for support.

Q: Who will do the injection/s?
A: A group of Gloucestershire Area School Nurses go around to all the schools in Gloucestershire to do the injections. On the day you will be given an opportunity to talk with them if you are feeling worried or anxious.

Q: If I have to take tablets or medicine in school, what do I do?
A: Ask your Parents or Carer to ring Mrs Jevons.

Q: What if I feel unwell in school?
A: If you are in lessons, tell the teacher. You will be sent to the Medical Room. If you have a headache you will be encouraged to drink plenty of water, if it doesn’t settle go to the Medical Room. No Paracetamol will be given before 11:15am. Only Paracetamol, Piriton and Waspeze can be administered in school as long as your parent has signed the consent form, which you will receive before you start at Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre.

Q: What if I hurt myself at school?
A: Go to the Medical Room in the G corridor or get a friend to go to Reception who will find the Medical Officer. Your parents or carer will be contacted if necessary. If you are more seriously hurt and you need to go to hospital, someone will sort it out and contact your parents or emergency contact immediately.

Q: Can I carry tablets or medicines in my school bag?
A: Asthma Inhalers and Epipens are allowed in your school bag but the Medical Officer should be informed. They MUST be clearly labelled with your name and tutor group. No other medicines or tablets are allowed in your school bag.

Q: I carry an Epipen, do I need to tell anyone in school?
A: Yes, it is important to get your parent or carer to contact Mrs Jevons, the Medical Officer before the induction day at Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre. We need to have two Epipens in school at all times, one for you and one to be kept in the Medical room. During induction day the Medical Officer will come to see you and go through some rules about being responsible for your Epipen.

Q: What do I need to do if I have to go to the Doctors, Dentist or Opticians during the school day?
A: You should always bring a note to show your Tutor if you have an appointment during the school day. You should then:

  1. Ask your Tutor to sign the note.
  2. Report to Reception before you leave the building.
  3. Show the Receptionist the note then sign out.

Q: For girls. What do I do if I start my periods at school?
A: If you start your periods during the school day……don’t panic, there is always a supply of sanitary wear in the Medical Room. If necessary you will be sent home to change. Do not worry or feel embarrassed; it will all be sorted without anyone else needing to know. It may be a good idea to always keep a small pack of sanitary wear with you in your school bag for emergencies. If you get period pains you can have a Paracetamol in school if your parents/guardian signs the consent form.


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