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We are pleased to announce the introduction of Milk Student Planner System, a cloud based digital homework diary that is designed to enhance our communication with parents and students.   This system will allow parents to monitor your child’s homework, attendance, behaviour and progress more easily.

Please note students should continue to follow the school's expectations regarding using this planner on a daily basis.  For more information on the benefits and features of Milk please read Parents’ Guide to Milk below.   Additional information is available at milkstudentplanner.com.


Q: What if I do not do my home learning, or forget to do it?
A: If you fail to do your home learning by the deadline, you may be given a chance to hand it in the following day. If you still fail to hand it in you can expect to be given a detention. Always try your best and take pride in every piece of home learning you do. If you have any questions please ask your subject teacher.

Q: How can I organise my home learning if I am getting behind?
A: The tasks will be explained clearly. You should take special care to note when the home learning is to be handed in. Your home learning will be recorded on MILK which is our electronic home learning recording system.

Q: How much home learning will I get?

A: In Yr7 and Yr8 you should expect an average of one hour per subject per fortnight. Yr9 this will rise and could be up to two hours per subject per fortnight. Yr10 and Yr11 you should expect an average of two hours per GCSE/GNVQ course per fortnight. You will usually be given several days, and often a week, in which to complete the home learning. Your home learning diary will help you to manage your time more effectively.

Q: What if I find the home learning too hard to complete?
A: Teachers will always be happy to give extra help or advice but you must ask before the deadline.

Q: What if I have to do home learning on a computer and don't have one at home?
A: You can do it on a computer in school.

Q: What do I do if I have trouble reading or doing my home learning?
A: Go to see your teacher BEFORE it is due to be in and ask for help.

Q: What happens if I am late for a lesson or registration?
A: You should be in school by 8:35am at the latest. If you arrive at school late you MUST sign in at reception. Once you have signed in, enter the class or assembly quietly and let the teacher know the reason you are late.

If you are repeatedly late without a good explanation your parents or guardian will be contacted and you will be required to make up the time.

Q: What if I struggle during a lesson?
A: Let the teacher know during or immediately after the lesson. If you can’t speak with the teacher, speak with your Tutor or Head of House. There will always be someone to help and guide you through your difficulties. The main thing is – DON’T WORRY, TELL SOMEONE.

Q: Who can I go to if I get lost around school or can’t find my lesson?
A: You can go to Reception. Lots of people get lost, students and adults. In time you will find your way around and then help others.


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Parents Guide to Milk 13th September 2016 Download >

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