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Donate to Educate – State-of-the Art IT Equipment for Students

 Independent academic research undertaken during 2013 by the University of Hull found that:

  •  The ownership of a personal mobile device facilitates many of the learning aims within GCSE and A Level courses
  •  The adoption of mobile technologies on a personal basis significantly increases access to technology for students, with many attendant benefits for learning which i  include greater motivation, engagement, parental involvement and understanding of complex ideas
  •  Personal ‘ownership’ is seen as the single most important factor for successful use of this technology
  •  Parents also have opportunities to become more engaged with the school and their child’s learning when the device travels home with the student.

At Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre we want to offer students the ability to own and use state-of-the-art IT equipment that works seamlessly with our school systems and with your own home system.

Having access to the latest technology when and where they need it gives students the very best chance of success in and beyond the classroom. For parents making that investment, however, it can be a struggle and the equipment chosen may not always be in line with our existing systems and infrastructure.

The Donate to Educate programme is offered to the school by British Telecom to help parents fund ownership of IT equipment for their sons and daughters.

How the device is funded

Parents enter into fixed monthly payments based on the term and type of device that they want with the added benefits:

  • No personal credit check
  • All devices come with full warranty
  • All devices come with accidental damage and theft insurance
  • All devices come with a military grade protective case
  • The device becomes yours at the end of the payment term with no extra cost
  • The device can be used in school and at home to enhance learning
  • There is an overall saving to parents of up to 26% versus high street prices

Payment Terms

Payment terms can be for 12, 24 or 36 months depending on how long your child has left here at the school.    In the case of a Year 12 student, this would have to be 12 months.

At the end of the agreement on the final payment the device becomes yours.

Everyone is approved and there are no credit checks.


There is no excess on either the insurance or the warranty and you will receive the hotline numbers with your device which is all supported by BT.

Please note that it one device per student at the school on this scheme.


Please also note that the parent enters into an agreement with Donate to Educate directly.    

The school is not allowed to enter into any agreement with the Donate to Educate either directly or on behalf of any individual student.    For this reason, no Pupil Premium funding or other school funding can be used to support any such agreement with the Donate to Educate.

Please contact the dedicated support team on 0203 367 1541 or 1542, email: should you have any specific queries.    

The portal is now open for all students at the School and orders must be placed by 8th November 2015.    Delivery is expected before the end of Term 2.    Please be aware that the first payment under this agreement will be due at the end of November which is prior to delivery in December.    Should this payment not be made the delivery date could be delayed.

If you wish to place an order please find below the link to the Donate to Educate portal.

The following username and password is required.

Username: Newent01
Password: Welcome01

The portal will remain open until 8th November 2015.

Further information is available in following booklet or by contacing Mrs Ann Price, Business Manager or Mrs Maryann Hunter, Finance and General Manager.

Name Date  
Information Booklet for Parents 22nd October 2015 Download >

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