Music is taught to all students in Years 7 to 9 and as an option at Key stage 4 (GCSE Music, OCR) and Key Stage 5 (A level Music, Edexcel).

The Department boasts two classroom suites of 30 PCs with the latest industry-standard software: ProTools 10 and Sibelius 7 as well as 30 61-key semi-weighted midi keyboards.

A silent band (Jampod) has been donated to us by Gloucestershire Music Service and is in full use.

Students can access four practice rooms all with drum kits, electric guitars, bass guitars and pianos/keyboards.

Each student PC is a mini-recording studio and all students learn to use software to facilitate their learning and ensure high quality results at all Key Stages.

Home learning

Students in Years 7 and 8 are required to own their own instrument at home which they use to teach themselves to play music and get better acquainted with music notation. Instruments include: keyboard, ukulele, recorder, guitar and drums. Students have also opted for steel pans, harmonica and bongos or any instrument that requires them to learn to read notation.

There is no home learning assignment in Year 9.

At GCSE and A level students use home earning to improve their learning in class through regular assignments. GCSE and A level clinics ensure that all students have access to teacher support at all times. Revision and 1:1 sessions have proven extremely successful in the past in boosting student performance in examinations.


Year 7

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


  • Initial exam
  • Elements of Music
  • Singing for the Winter Concert
  • Using your imagination to create a story in music (groupwork)
  • Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Basic note values
  • Carols on keyboards (performance)
  • Induction to Sibelius 7 and ProTools 10



  • Home learning mentoring sessions
  • ProTools 10 and Sibelius 7 Rhythm
  • Composing music
  • African polyrhythms
  • Mid-term exam



  • Raps (words and music)
  • Musical periods
  • Playing guitar or recorder or brass
  • Home learning assessments
  • End of year exam


Year 8

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


  • ProTools 10: more advanced techniques
  • Blues: performance à complete Blues song (recorded on ProTools 10)


  • Programme Music à Film Music: A composition project (syncing video and audio on ProTools 10)
  • Home learning mentoring sessions
  • Mid-term exam based on Blues Music



  • Home learning assessments
  • Careers in Music
  • Performing a cover song
  • Jazz or Folk music
  • End of year exam


Year 9

Autumn Term

Spring Term (based on BTEC)

Summer Term (based on BTEC and GCSE)


  • Musical futuresà Band groups

Basic skills on:

Guitar, Electric guitar, Bass guitar, Keyboard, Drum kit

  • Performing Cover songs in Band groups
  • Composing and Performing own song in Band groups



  • Producing a Concert
  • The music industry:

Understanding the different types of organisations that make up the music industry and understand the job roles in the music industry


  • Composing music for Radio/TV advertising or jingle, games or film.


KS4 - GCSE Music, OCR specification

Integrated Tasks


Performing solo

Composing based on the solo performance

Commentary on the solo performance


Practical Portfolio B352

Performing in an ensemble

Composing on one  of the 3 Areas of Study

Log and Evaluation of the Composition


Creative Task  B353

Composing a piece based on 6 different stimuli in 45 minutes (examination)


Listening exam


Written public examination. Listening to a CD of answering questions based on the 3 Areas of Study, AoS2: shared music; AoS3: Dance Music; AoS4: Descriptive Music. Some notation knowledge is needed to complete this paper.



KS5 - AS and A2 Music, Edexcel

Unit number


AS/A2                GCE

Unit 1

Performing Music

 30%                   15%

Unit 2

Composing Music

 30%                   15%

Unit 3

Developing Musical Understanding

 40%                   20%

Unit 4

Extended Performance

 30%                   15%

Unit 5

Composition and Technical Study

 30%                   15%

Unit 6

Further Musical Understanding

 40%                   20%


Students study set works from the New Anthology of Music. Set works change every year and are different for AS and A2.

The set works for the AS examination in 2015 are:

Instrumental music

  1. JS Bach, Brandenburg Concerto no 4
  2. Shostakovich, String Quartet no 8, op 110
  3. Poulenc, Sonata for Horn, Trumpet and Tromone
  4. Mozart, Piano Sonata in B flat, K333

Vocal music:

  1. Tavener, The Lamb
  2. Monteverdi, Ohimè, se tanto amate
  3. Faure, Après un rêve
  4. The Kinds, Waterloo Sunset
  5. Van Morrison, Tupelo Honey
  6. Familia Valera Miranda 9Cuba), Se quema la chumbambá

All students are required to perform an instrument to a Grade 5 standard at AS.

All students study Harmony and Voice-leading and are encouraged to use the available software to realise their compositions or Technical studies.

More information

Should you like to receive any additional information on this subject please contact:

Miss A Longden, Head of Department

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