The Geography curriculum at Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre has been carefully designed to provide all students with the opportunity to make progress, both within and across all three Key Stages. Geography is a dynamic and relevant subject for all young people. It inspires them to become a global citizen by exploring their own place in the world, their values and responsibilities to other people, to the environment and to the sustainability of the planet.

Assessment within Geography is varied and provides pupils with the opportunity to develop key skills, reflect core knowledge and to be creative, innovative and independent learners. It aims to promote a sense of wonder and fascination to all students through studying a range of relevant, human and physical, geographical processes and issues. The Geography curriculum develops an awareness of how the world is changing and allows pupils to understand the implications of these changes for themselves and others. By studying Geography pupils will build an understanding about their place in the world.

Core knowledge is developed by studying a range of places, on a local, national and global scale, allowing pupils to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the world. Places ranging from Newent and the Forest of Dean to Svalbard, Dubai, China, India, USA, Thailand and Kenya.

The study of Geography equips pupils with a variety of transferable skills, such as; greater spatial awareness, literacy, communication, numeracy, enquiry, problem solving and computing.

By studying Geography students are equipped with with a broad range of personal learning and thinking skills such as teamwork, independent enquiry and creative thinking – skills all highly valued by universities and employers.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

  • What is geography?
  • Fantastic places
  • Ordnance survey maps and local area
  • Rivers and flooding
  • Settlements and urbanisation
  • Kenya

Year 8

  • Weathering and rivers
  • Coasts and glaciation
  • Impossible places
  • World issues
  • Population
  • India

Year 9

  • Environmental regions
  • Tectonics
  • International development
  • Economic activity
  • Resources and the environment
  • China

Key Stage 4 (Edexcel B)

Year 10

  • Restless earth
  • Changing climates
  • Battle for the biosphere
  • Water world
  • River processes and pressures
  • Extreme environments

Year 11

  • Population dynamics
  • Consuming resources
  • Globalisation
  • Development dilemmas
  • Changing settlements in the UK
  • Challenges of an urban world

Key Stage 5 (Edexcel)

Year 12

  • The world at risk
  • Going global
  • Crowded coasts
  • Re-branding places

Year 13

  • Energy security
  • Water conflicts
  • Biodiversity under threat
  • Superpower geographies
  • Bridging the development gap
  • Technological fix

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