Behaviour Inclusion

Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre is well provisioned to meet the needs of students who require additional social, emotional or behavioural support and interventions in our tailored Inclusion unit.

Overall Inclusion Objectives

To work proactively with students, parents and carers to support students to be ready and able to learn and succeed through focusing on joint working with home, targeted 1 to 1 and small group interventions, including a range of behaviour support programmes, in class observation, mentoring, joint working with the Special Educational Needs team, external agency working , readmission and reintegration programmes and restorative justice provision in line with the whole school Behaviour Management policy.

  • To reduce student internal exclusion and external fixed term exclusions.
  • To provide curriculum continuity for students excluded from classroom provision for whatever reason.
  • To provide high quality support to all types of vulnerable or disadvantaged student.
  • To provide a learning environment that meets the needs of students for whom the main stream classroom may be temporarily inappropriate.

Objectives for Behaviour Inclusion

  • To minimise any disruption to classroom learning from any persistent low level behaviours or any single act of inappropriate behaviour by a student.
  • To maintain an appropriate curriculum and access to learning for any removed from a lesson for disrupting the learning of others.
  • To provide the facilities, resourcing and staffing to enable the delivery of programmes that promote behaviour modification.
  • To act as a deterrent to continuance of the behaviours that have led to a student’s removal from a classroom during the school day.

Objectives for Social and Emotional Inclusion

  • To provide a safe and supportive environment for vulnerable students or students who are experiencing social or emotional difficulty.
  • To provide the facilities resources and staffing to enable students to develop emotional resilience, build self-esteem and develop their social skills.
  • To provide continued access to and appropriate curriculum and learning for any student who would benefit from a time-limited period in the social inclusion room. Access to this provision is on a clearly time-lined step-on/step-off basis.

Provision Organisation

The inclusion unit is a self-contained unit with a large space for behaviour inclusion provision and an equal sized space for social inclusion provision.

Social Inclusion provision is overseen by our SAFE (Safeguarding and Attendance for Education) Officer and further supported by our Vulnerable Student Lead.

Behaviour Inclusion is overseen by the Behaviour Inclusion Manager supported, where appropriate by the SAFE Officer and Heads of House.

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