Drive IQ Certificates presented to Sixth Form Students

Students were congratulated by Watch Manager Roger Pickett from Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue and the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Chris Brierley. The two representatives were enthused by the commitment and dedication the students demonstrated in making this programme one of their extracurricular priorities. The school was praised for being passionate about road safety and continually working with all agencies to reduce casualties as a result of a road traffic collision. Students were proud to be supporting such a worthy cause and were grateful for the opportunity to learn so much that will influence their choices and decision making.

Newent is once again proud to be involved with the Drive iQ Gloucestershire programme. We have embedded the course into our PSHE provision for all students, such is the importance of Road Safety in the Gloucestershire area. Our students have understood the value and purpose of the scheme and it is hoped that it will enable them better drivers and more mindful of other road users. Thank you to Louise and the Road Safety Team for their continued support and encouragement. We look forward to participating with our new Sixth Form students next year.

The biggest threat to the lives of young people in the UK today is from road traffic accidents; so doing nothing to educate our students is not an option.   The Sixth Form Team are really proud of the students who have embraced the message of making Gloucestershire’s roads a safer place. If just one of the students change their behaviour or the behaviour of their peers as a result of doing the Drive IQ course then it has been a huge success.

Newent Sixth Form attended the What if…? road show early in the academic year.   Following this a number of young driver and passenger were workshops were booked and a 12 week road safety curriculum is delivered to Year 12 students.   The curriculum includes the completion of Drive iQ Gloucestershire.

A relentless approach to road safety education!

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