Arctic Expedition Northern Scandinavia 2017

In our time in Norway we experienced 3 Arctic storms, an Arctic blizzard and snow stricken airport. The trip was very strenuous for everyone however the moral kept everyone going and everyone was so determined. The artic rewarded us with the beautiful northern lights and some spectacular sunsets and sun rises which would rival anywhere’

Six year 12 students, Davi Griffiths, Dan Rowley, Elliot Gray, Harry Bloxsome, Peter Jenkins, and Taine Roberts from Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre along with Mr Morley and Mr Naylor have just completed a 10 day Arctic expedition two hundred miles inside the Arctic Circle. Skiing through Finland, Sweden and Norway we experienced some of the most unusual weather we have ever seen in the winter this far north. From starting out in -25 degrees centigrade the temperature rose by 30 degrees in 24 hours during the first arctic storm, with rain leaving some very challenging skiing conditions.

‘Travelling between 12 and 18km a day was something we were all used to however none of us had ever had skis on our feet. This created a recipe for lots of falling over, but thankfully no injuries apart from people’s pride. While trapped by a storm we had the opportunity to practice our downhill skiing which definitely needed finessing! Considering we would be skiing down bigger mountain slopes much steeper than the hill we were practising on we didn't have much hope. Indeed our practice didn't really help as we all fell over at some point going downhill, and even when we were just standing still.’

The final four days of our expedition which some of the group are hoping to use for their Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition saw us have lots of fun; camp at -22 degrees; make our friendships even stronger and our respect for the people who live out there even greater. The teachers really made our expedition and the opportunity is unparalleled. We have all come back gaining something slightly different from the expedition whether it be more independence or improved resilience. Either way this trip is something that none of us are ever going to forget and is something that we would urge everyone to do, you will definitely surprise yourself.’ 

Written and all quotes by

Davi Griffiths, Year 12 student

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